Embracing Your Divine Retreat Sampler CDEmbracing Your Divine Retreat Sampler

Tracks: 5 (33 minutes total)
Genre(s): New Age, World, International

This is a "pre-treat " CD with a nice mix of drumming and relaxing new age music.  Few things have such an immediate affect as music does, it can change a mood in a matter of minutes.  It's drug free, re-usable, no saturated fats, and you can even regift it if it's not your cup of tea.  Music is the perfect gift.  Below is the track listing and artist information.

Track Listing
1 - David Macejka - Saiidi Masmoudi Fellahin
2 - Diane Arkenstone - Seduction
3 - Loreena McKennitt - Marrakesh Night Market
4 - Lotus - You Are My Heaven
5 - David And Steve Gordon - Sunrise Ritual


More about these artists...

David Macejka is brilliant musician who brings a deep knowledge of traditional drums and instruments from around the world, but primarily with eastern and African influences.  David's catalogue of recording sessions is profound, on this CD is some of his early work which combines traditional dance rythms with a rich selection of drums.  This is a fiery sound that's perfect for poi, fire spinning, belly dancing, or just plain listening enjoyment of a master percusionist.  His Middle Eastern style fits nicely with this retreat's theme.  Amazon

Lotus was formed when Harry met Alex at a composer's retreat, how appropriate :-)  Jimmy Harry's infusion of world flavors and Alex Edenborough's angelic voice is a great mix by itself, but add in the urban vibes and Balinese styles and you really have an intersting sound that's fresh and relaxing.  Amazon

Diane Arkenstone has a very appealing sound and is one of the most played artists currently on satelite radio New Age stations.  She has her own recording company NeoPacifica and is known for her ventures into specific influences and creating entire albums around those themes.  Amazon

Loreena McKennitt is perhaps one of the best known voices in New Age & World genres today.  She is a singer, harpist, pianist, composer, and has produced most of her own recordings since 1985.  She has a traditional approach to Celtic and Middle Eastern inspired invocations, and often uses literary works as basis for lyrics.  She has a beautiful quality in her voice that moves many and has a loyal fanbase because of it.  If you haven't heard her sing before you're in for a treat.  If you have then you know why she is included in this sampler!  Amazon

George Abdo is known as the King of Belly Dance Music.  He has held this title for decades and has inspired countless drummers.  Raks Araby is the bonus track on the sampler :-)  Listening to Abdo's energetic and erotic beats can create images of traditional belly dancers in their coin skirts and finger sils, just close your eyes and you're there!  It's a beautiful art form steeped in tradition and history, with the Divine Movement workshop we thought it might be fun to include some authentic music.  Amazon

David and Steve Gordon have been innovators in New Age music, forming their own record label over 25 years ago.  Their craftsmanship in spiritual drumming really shines through on the Sunrise Ritual track on this CD.  The brothers are both accomplished composers and award winning musicians, they have helped define spiritual and meditative music with their own work and with production of other artists.  Amazon