Our Staff

Our Retreat Facilitator is Tina Dismukes, mother of five and grandmother of six, who has a vibrant passion for creating lasting connection wherever she sees the potential for it. Whether it is in her professional life as the a Virtual Assistant, Party Planner and Chef or as a gifted Spiritual Facilitator, she brings her passion for community building with her wherever she goes. Using technology and instinct in both her spiritual and professional pursuits, Tina draws together one stunning coming together of community after another. She has been facilitating women's gatherings since 1997.

She is also a member, Board Trustee and Intensive Coordinator for Sisterhood of Avalon, a Celtic Women's Spirituality organization, which is a practice based in truth, united in disciplined work and dedication to embrace the soveignty within one's own self.  She is past Board Member, Treasurer and Program Chair for Brigid's Place an organization providing education, dialogue and celebration to foster women's spiritual and personal transformation.  She has been called the Maven for the Red Tent Movement here in Texas.  She provides space for women in the Houston area for gatherings and retreats as well as tries to help other communities rise up around the entire state with Texas Red Tents.

She uses her ability to see beauty in the common threads of the world’s spiritual traditions as she skillfully weaves together spiritual retreats and gatherings for women. Tina believes deeply in creating sacred space for all those who seek it, so that they may find the truth and beauty within themselves and their personal path. Her retreats and events create the opportunity for every attendee to do so.


Blessings Within Andrea Longoria universalcommonsense.com

We owe much of the grace and beauty of the Red Tent Experience to our Artistic Director, Andrea "Pxz" Longoria, who helped transform our retreats into "an experience" since 2007. Through Andrea's artistic vision and dedication, a lush spiritual environment emerged to surround participants at retreats -- enhancing and deepening the connections made between women, the land, and the world at large. Andrea is an avid henna artist, please take a moment to visit her little spot on the web: My Henna Lounge.