Circle of Friends

Pay it forward and always being in gratitude is a very powerful thing.  Our Circle of Friends are what makes Blessings Within the coming together of community so please help us in supporting our little fairies!  Who knew when we met back in Girl Scouts that we would develop such a deep bond and in the end find such joy in putting together events.  It is all about the friends and connections in life.

Interfaith Ministires of Greater Houston
We have been working with IM for a little over a year now however have been a participant in women's events for several years now.  If you are considering a non-profit donation, please take time to consider Interfaith Ministries of Greater Houston a resource well worth your dollars.  Please designate these funds how you choose however it would be wonderful for you to designate them to the Women's Programming.

Houston PC Pro
Even though it is my husband's company, he gives tirelessly to our spiritual presenters as well as provides our website.  A big thank you to James for all the help over the years with the site as well as being our Music Director (he finds the best music for us to include in our events).

Andrea - My Henna Lounge
Andrea is a master of art and energy.

Kerry - Zen Vegan
A woman that knows who she is and stands by her beliefs in every effort that she pursues.

Neelou - Sprit of Lotus
A woman of indepth spirit and full of creative energies.

Jenn - CureYoga | BreatheCure
Jennifer is a wonderful human being who lives her dreams and finds a way to make things happen for the better of humanity.

Penney - Heart Full of Yoga
A gentle woman full of love and healing through spirit and yoga.

Jyl - Jylery
A woman full of spirit and creative energy.  You never know what medium she will be working in however one thing you do know is that her energy is within all of her pieces.