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Just as in life, it takes a community of individuals and aspects to make the whole of life.  We try to offer a variety of resources to help you on your spiritual journey. 

Retreats are where Blessings Within started and continues to be a passion.  We presently offer two women's retreats a year as well as several synergy retreats in the future such as our Couples' Retreat.  More

Red Tent Experiences
The Red Tent Experiences are an old concept being revived in the world these days.  More and more women are seeking to find the feminine within and getting in touch with the natural cycles of life.  Participants will be emursed within the textiles of the red tent with all the pillows of comfort to bond with women and explore your own divine feminine within.  More

Our workshops are as diverse as our community of presenters.  At various times throughout the years we have offered classes and workshops tailored to meet the requests of those which attend our events.  From meditation groups and internal reflection series to individual workshops which focus on one subject such as creating with your intentions.  More

Special Events
At times we are privilaged to be able to offer special events which may be a series or could just be a one time event.  Some of these have included a one day children's festival, Goddess Day of Henna and A Day of Guided Meditation.  More

Life Coaching
Sometimes in life we just need someone to come into our lives with an outside perspective on things to help us down our chosen path.  A session with Tina is a great way to get a spiritual, business and intuitive plan for your life.  More

Event Cooridination Services
As with any effort, trial and error are the best teachers.  We have had many trial and errors over the years however through those experiences it has provided us an invaluable opportunity to coordinate events that really reach the soul level with many individuals.  Are you a leader of a spiritual community who may be looking to expand their offerings?  We facilitate events for others whether you are looking to conduct one with a group of friends, a faith group, meditation group, school group or just a family looking to have help organizing a retreat for the family in this very hussle and bussle world we live in...everyone deserves a break from the daily stresses.   Please Contact Us for further information if you would like help planning a getaway or just need someone to come and cook for the crowd.  More  

With Gratitude

Our retreats and events also stay at such a low rate because of generous supporters.  In the true nature of gratitude, thank you and Namaste to all of you.