Music is what feelings sound like
Some things are universal in the way we experience them.  Music has been a device for people for thousands of years, from celebrations to deep rituals, from the most modern studios to the the most primitive tribes.

In our many journeys and retreats, we have been exposed to a variety of wonderful music that has supplemented our RDMA (Recommended Daily Musical Allowance).  Like a refreshing drink on a sunny afternoon, music can quench a spiritual thirst that we may not always realize is there.

We enjoy sharing good music like we do good tea, so many times we've been asked for artist names and certain track titles that compilations have naturally formed, we'd like to share some with you...
Embracing Your Divine Retreat Sampler CDEmbracing Your Divine Retreat Sampler

Tracks: 5 (33 minutes total)
Genre(s): New Age, World, International

As a gift of appreciation this sampler is included in the confirmation packs for the Embracing retreat.  On this CD you'll find some beautiful music to help clear the mind after a busy day or to give you some inspiration for the upcoming retreat.