Our Presenters, Our Circle

Blessings Within is a coming together of community. Diverse communities which go beyond the lines of any faith system or thought system but instead focus on your inner nurturing. We offer a variety of services from retreat planning, actual women's retreats, and even meditation and spiritual workshops here in house however can network you to an individual for just about anything. One might ask how we can be so many different things but it is that community which brings it all together. Our community of resources:

We are blessed to have had the opportunity to host some truly beautiful individuals as presenters throughout the years.  Each time they amaze me and humble me by the knowledge they share.  Our retreats and events stay at such a low rate because of our presenters.  In the true nature of gratitude, thank you and Namaste to all of you.  Please take a moment to visit our Presenters page to learn more about them.

Amelie Richards - A bubble of energy and deep insight you will be thankful for having had the opportunity to meet.  She has a depth of knowledge not matched by many and is our Intentional Movement Presenter.
Intentional Movement Presenter

Andrea Longoria - She is our in-house Feng Shui expert and our belly dancer extraordinaire and so much more! A woman of multiple talents and strengths. Henna Design, Fung Shui, Sensual Scents, various forms of Movement.  Visit Andrea here on BlessingsWithin.com and at MyHennaLounge.com

Brandey Johnson - Her mantra "Live-Love-Enlighten" speaks of how she approaches life.  Take no prisoners and live the life you are meant to lead.  She is our Abundance Hypnosis Presenter.

Dixie Turner - Is the essence of positive thought process and just living life in the most thought affirming way possible.  She makes her own reality by living the life she chose.  She is our Create Your Own Destiny - The Power of Manifestation Presenter.

Jennifer Burgemeister - Visit Jenny at JennYoga.com
Our Facilitator of Change who takes you on a journey into the known but unknown through yoga, quantum physics and meditation.  She is our Plugging Into the Matrix with Ashanta Yoga Presenter.

Jyl "Jylybean" Harrison - Jylybean has never missed a retreat yet and graciously is our resident nurse along with a presenter on an array of subjects due to her menagerie of talents.  She has presented  a Chain mail Bracelet Making workshop, Spiritual Bamboo taking us through the knowledge of bamboo with hands on demonstrations in bamboo flute making and is an accomplished jeweler and tradeswoman.  Visit Jylybean at Jylery.com

Karen "Fire Goddess" - Is our phenomenal fire woman both handling our tradition Saturday night fire and also lead us in our Fire Within Circle.

Kate Brunner - Has just been our blessings of a presenter!  She has presented an opportunity for us all to partake in Labyrinths, Tea Leaf Reading, Symbology and Simplicity.  She never fails to just bring her all to her presentations making them hands-on and full of knowledge.

Krystal Sager - Our resident Songstress/Chantress. Krystal never fails to amaze me at her strength and determination. She inspires through song and dance that inner urge to come out of your skin and experience true freedom.  She has presented Bath Product Make and Take, Herbology and Chanting through the years however has been instrumental in her tireless efforts volunteering in the background and throughout the weekends at each retreat.

LauraLove - The name says it all. She is our compassion and love. She teaches us to trust our hearts desires and see ourselves as beings of love who can and do transform lives on a daily basis.  She has presented a Heart Chakra Meditation, led an entire weekend retreat with our Unmasking Weekend and Embracing Your Dream Labyrinth Meditation all of which still have rave reviews. 

Laura "LauraAngel" Hausen - We have shared in each others lives and watched each other grow to new reaches of ourselves. She teaches reiki and angel healing with Level 1 and 2 Reiki Attunements.

Lisa "Luna" Raebig - What can you say about Miss Luna but she is a must meet person you can not have a full life without knowing.  She has a depth of wisdom not often seen and is not afraid to show her true self to you.  She has presented a Pagan Fire Circle, Friendship Soup and Your Athena Within.

Megan "Meggie Boo" Garcia - The one who always is there to push us beyond who we think we are. She is a teacher even when she does not even realize there is anything to learn. Look into your mirror and see the other you that is within you.  She has presented the Mirror Within Meditation and supplied invaluable help and encouragement throughout the years.  She is the creator of the Love Jar and Affirmation Jar with a wealth of love and encouragement to be pulled daily.

Penney Warren - Penney just happened to find us and then we found we had connections and she even knew some of the ladies.  Who knew they would all go on to become presenters.  Penney has become one of our asked for presenters now with her unique approach to yoga having the ladies coin it "Gentle Yoga and Meditation".  She is also our Hooping presenter.  Visit Penney at HeartFullofYoga.com

Stan Merrill - Our Buddhist who has pure calm with him and to date our only male presenter at a women's retreat and still one of our most talked about presenter.  His approach to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction became one that everyone has brought into their daily lives and forever changed from.  Please visit Stan at BeingMindful.com

Tina Dismukes - More about me on About page.  Really just the one who organizes things and makes a reality what Andrea and our presenters dream up.  Presenter of Guided Meditations including Past Life, Progression, Clay Spirit Guide and  Hidden Files.

Tracy Saeger - One of the nicest and most thought provoking people you could ever meet.  She just has a way of thinking about things in a different way and what an enlightening type of way.  She presented Mandalas for Mindfulness and Meditation which also included a booklet to take the mandalas home with you to bring into your mindfulness meditations.