Red Tent Experience

Red Tent Experience - These gatherings are meant to be an experience that many women might not have realized they were missing from their lives until perhaps reading The Red Tent: A Novel by Anita Diamant.   It was a time where woman took time away among the women when women's bodies were in tune with one another and the moon.  It is our hope that we can bring this experience to women once again.  You will be immersed within the textiles of the red tent with all the pillows of comfort to bond with women and explore your own divine feminine within.  These are offered on a monthly basis as well as twice a year for weekend retreats.

The Red Tent Movement is alive and well in the world with women coming together to just "be".  A miracluous thing happens when women come together, it is a bee hive of activity because we are just always on the go with what needs to be done.  Many just come together with no plan in mind however many know us well that it is always about a theme and a plan so to totally let go is  We have some rough themese for each month listed below however there is time to just relax and be a bee in the hive of women.

Nourishment to share is appreciated.  Some months another in the hive might bring something while another month it may be someone else.  Overall though, there is always enough.  Some months it is a matter of truly taking time to just be so it is ok if some months you are not able to bring something to share.  If you are bringing something, please make it vegetairan friendly.  Intent in cooking is a wonderful thing, store bought items are welcome however perhaps take a moment to give of yourself with a morsel from the heart.

Our Red Tent information has been moved to which will focus more on all that is going on around the Red Tents here in Texas!

Also we now have an additional site dedicated to just the Red Tent events that we setup (retreats and Houston city-wide Red Tent).  Please visit us at

We also off this as an experience for your personal group.  Have Red Tent, can travel...  Perfect for baby showers-baby blessings, bachelorette parties or just a girls night out full of henna, feminine energy and a coming together in the sacred feminine.  Affliated with MyHennaLounge if you would like to include henna in any type of event.