Since 2002 we have been putting together women's retreats twice a year. Each retreat has a little bit different theme to the weekend but the soul is the same: A gathering of women in the spirit of tolerance and nurturing of life much in the way one might have envisioned the women of "The Red Tent" did. Women are beautiful beings capable of so much within themselves that we sometimes forget to nourish that inner feminine within ourselves. Some may be a stay at home mom while another is a corporate executive they may be completely and totally different however the inner connection with other women is a basic instinct. 

Our women's retreats are done at a very low cost so that getting in touch with that which is within you is not prohibitive just due to financial means. Our presenters work in Gratitude of a weekend away for themselves as well as a gift of their time to lead a workshop. These workshops are as diverse from one another as our community can be. The cost of retreat is different each time depending upon the subject matter and number of presenters. All retreats are done on a not-for-profit basis. We do have on staff an Artistic Director, Facilitator and Chef so that we are a total solution for your retreat whether it be attending one or looking for someone to help you organize one.

Retreats are a time of getting away from the day to day grind of life so that you might find that which is within you.  Look Within, Trust Within is our mantra by which we use as a guideline in all of our retreats.  Each retreat is a unique experience in and of itself while still embracing a continuity with several repeating activities.

We always begin our retreats with individual time of releasing the tensions as you enter a place of calm and peace.  We also include a place of reflection and inspiration in the way of an avenue to have other retreat participants leave messages for you as well as you leave for yourself;  these notes are then read once you arrive back home.  Many are known to still have some their notes and read through them often.  Another aspect is our gratitude gifts which are various types of items that encompass the retreat theme or workshop.  These items are then used to help you remember the aspects of retreat in everyday life.

Each retreat is a new opportunity to once again "Look Within, Trust Within". We take pride in coming together to find harmony within ourselves in hopes of finding harmony all around us in nature and beyond.


2018 Retreat

Every few years we have been trying to have a bigger retreat so that everyone is able to attend since our circle of women has become so many circles over the years.  2017 marks 20 Years that Tina has been holding weekend long space for women to gather so this fall will be quite the gathering.  

January 26-28, 2018
Camp Cullen Conference Center
near Trinity, TX

We have an absolutely wonderful weekend planned so that you have many ways embrace "Connecting Body, Mind and Spirit".  

Our Keynote Speakers:

Our Workshops: 
An array of opportunities to embrace what you body, mind and spirit might need over the weekend to fill yourself.  

Your registration includes dorm style lodging in David Weekley designed and built cabins, all nourishment throughout the weekend including five meals and snacks, all workshops, keynotes and various opportunities offered.   

Early Bird Registration - $219 per person (through October 31)
$50 deposit option with payments available as well.
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More information can be found on the retreat website -