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Powerful programs to bring out the inner you by embracing our motto of "Look Within, Trust Within"

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Women's Events and Retreats

Specializing in women's transformative workshops, gatherings and retreats (both in-person and virtual).


Powerful Emergence Programs

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We help you measure what's working and what isn't, and improve the performance of your website to meet your business objectives.

Before I attended these retreats I was in desperate need of feminine connection and self care. I never realized how powerful being in a room full of women could be. The atmosphere that Tina creates is sacred, safe and loving. I have found sisterhood and lifelong friendships with the wonderful women who attend, and come away with more self confidence, self knowledge and self love. I never expected to experience such deep connections and profound "ah-ha" moments. I left re-energized and the food was fantastic!

Retreat participant since 2014 and emerged as a drum goddess

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Retreat Participant since 2003 and emerged as an artist

I've known Tina Dismukes for more than 20 years, primarily through her leadership in mentoring women and hosting women's retreats. Tina not only has a passion for creating supportive women's communities, but also all the talents required for nurturing that. Her organizational skills, networking ability, technological expertise, attention to detail, generous spirit, creative genius and obvious dedication to "raising" the feminine all come together in each event she creates. She established and coordinated Houston area "Red Tent" gatherings for decades, as well as hosting annual "Blessings Within" goddess retreats. Her love of ritual and ceremony show up in the "maypole celebrations", "maiden and crone ceremonies", and "birthing/womb blessings" she organizes, as well as in the wide range of meaningful activities she always weaves into her retreat events--all designed to teach women to celebrate their value, explore self-growth, and follow their dreams. Perhaps most importantly, Tina leads by example. She never shies away from "tough issues" like gender identity, body image, intimacy, and self-empowerment. She's always "walking her talk" and reaching for her own "next best self", even as she invites others to raise themselves in body, mind and spirit. Even more than her enthusiasm, that personal integrity inspires high levels of trust and calls others forward to change their lives for the better. Again and again I've watched women "blossom" at Tina's events, expressing (through happy tears) how grateful they are to feel "fully seen, accepted and supported" for who they are.

Retreat Participant since 2010 and emerged as a singer/songwritter

The Power of Women's Retreats

Creating both in-person and virtual experiences for women to connect and truly embrace there own emergence.

The Power of Soulfaring

Travel is a doorway to the soul, when we travel and experience different cultures we can therefore know ourselves and see the connections around the world. We put together trips to connect your soul to the landscape via "Soulfaring".

The Power To Create With Us

We all grow and evolve, and our environment and tools should grow with us. We are available work with you to create the event, retreat or workshop of your dreams. We know it is a big undertaking so we can be with you every step of the way on your journey, just put together the specs and you carry them out, co-facilitate if it is a right fit, chef services and even custom gift making for participants.

The Power of Connection and Your Story

Tina is an ordained minister who has the ability to hear your story and help you to translate that into the life you truly wish to lead.

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